____evaporated. (hatetwofeel) wrote in uofscranton,

Hi everyone :)

My name's Cindy, 20, Bio major (pre-optometry/pre-dentistry), and currently a sophmore at Temple University. I'm thinking of transferring to UoS in the fall because I don't get housing here next year and I only have 2 options: (1) get a nice apart. way off campus and commute in rush hour traffic every morning and afternoon or (2) live in the ghetto. I don't like either.

Anyway, I have a few close friends that go to UoS and some that will be transferring there, but I can't really trust their opinion because it's biased. So I wanted to ask you guys, since you really don't give a damn if I transfer there or not (hahaha), your overall opinion about the univesity. I'm originally from Wilkes-Barre, so I know the area and "attractions" well, but I've never hung out at the UoS campus...so if you can fill me in on how UoS is academically, socially, etc I'd really appreciate it!!!

Thanks so much :]
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im a sophomore and current bio major at the U also. honestly Scranton is awesome. Im not gonna lie. bio here is fucking hard as hell. dont mean to scare you or anything but its the truth. but since your already a sophomore and i would assume most of your intro credits will transfer over then it shouldnt be a problem. and you prolly already know that bio at any school is the hardest major there is. i dont know how the bio majors are in temple... but here... its awesome. we seriously are a very tight knit close group of people and help each other out as much as possible. but academically scranton is a great school.

socially... we sure as hell arent lacking in that department either. if you are in any way a 'partyer' then you wont have a problem. there are parties going on in scranton pretty much any day of the week you want to find one. not to mention the like 5 bars withing a 5 minute walking distance of our campus! :-D everyone here is awesomly nice. scranton was actually my second choice school ( i had wanted to go to St. Joe's... not too far from temple!) but... i have absolutley no regrets. i am happier at scranton then i could have ever dreamed to be.

also... being from south jersey... 20 minutes away from philly... i know what you mean about not wanting to live off campus. my sister went to LaSalle and my parents were scared to death when she lived off campus for the one year she did.

so... come to the UofS!!! youll be happy here. i promise!!

feel free to talk to me anytime you want... about the university... the bio department... the parties... whatever!! im always up for new friends!! :)
Aww, thanks! Yeah Bio is insane...I'm just lucky I actually like it, haha. My lecture halls were ridiculous...my Bio was was overfilled and we had 600 some people. Grrr.

That's funny, Scranton was my 2nd choice as well. Temple's new housing policy just started last year, so I feel like I got suckered into coming here, haha.

I think I'll talk to an admissions counselor about my credits and stuff some time soon and hopefully everything will work out for the best!!! Thanks for your help, you're all too kind :)
U of S rocks. So much. I dont even go there (I might next year!) but when I visit my brother EVERYONE is so nice to me. The students and the social life are goooood.