____evaporated. (hatetwofeel) wrote in uofscranton,

Hi everyone :)

My name's Cindy, 20, Bio major (pre-optometry/pre-dentistry), and currently a sophmore at Temple University. I'm thinking of transferring to UoS in the fall because I don't get housing here next year and I only have 2 options: (1) get a nice apart. way off campus and commute in rush hour traffic every morning and afternoon or (2) live in the ghetto. I don't like either.

Anyway, I have a few close friends that go to UoS and some that will be transferring there, but I can't really trust their opinion because it's biased. So I wanted to ask you guys, since you really don't give a damn if I transfer there or not (hahaha), your overall opinion about the univesity. I'm originally from Wilkes-Barre, so I know the area and "attractions" well, but I've never hung out at the UoS campus...so if you can fill me in on how UoS is academically, socially, etc I'd really appreciate it!!!

Thanks so much :]
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