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Dead like Y-100

Wow, this journal is dead (not that my personal one is any more alive). To anyone who lives in the Philadelphia region, Y-100 is no more. Since WMMR (93.3) bought Preston and Steve (Y-100`s morning show), Radio One, who owns Y-100, decided to take the station off air. This happened on Thursday as I believe (we don`t get the station so I don`t know for sure) around 5:30. Now 100.3 is a rap/hip-hop station. To all those who liked Y-100 sorry. To those who could care less, meh. I`m pissed at this decision. Y-100 was Philly`s, and therefor South Jersey`s, only alternative rock station (unless there is one I don`t know of). If interested, you can listen to the staff of Y-100 on an internet radio station at There is also an online petition to get Y-100 back on the air. That`s my rant.

I`m signing off

rip Y-100
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